SSDA 2018 - 50th Anniversary Year


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Since the Structural Steel Design Awards were initiated 50 years ago by Dr Finniston many changes have taken place, both in the steel and in the construction industries, but one asset remains unaltered. It is the way in which steel not only confers efficiency and economy but also has an aesthetic, which designers are able to exploit to the considerable betterment of the environment.

Steel continues to be the most popular frame material and the entries reflect the increasingly high standards that are being achieved, not only in design and all aspects of fabrication, but also in the short programmes and accuracy on site. In varying proportions, the qualities of engineering excellence, innovation, attention to detail, economy and speed of construction have been brought together in each of these successful structures.

This article reflects on the previous 49 years and celebrates the excellence of the United Kingdom in the field of steel construction.

The 2018 Structural Steel Design Awards, which were jointly sponsored by BCSA and Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd, were announced in early October.

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