Victoria Palace Theatre Refurbishment, London

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Structural Steel Design Awards 2018 - Merit

               Victoria Palace Theatre Refurbishment-1.jpg

The Grade II listed Victoria Palace Theatre has been remodelled and refurbished to ensure that it remains a prominent part of London’s West End theatre scene for years to come.

The main objectives were to maximise the potential of the stage and fly tower, extend the back-of-house facilities, improve the comfort of the auditorium to seat 1528 and maximise the amount of front-of-house areas, whilst maintaining the building’s historic features.

The structural works included installing a 6m wide by 26m high extension to the fly tower, extending the east wing, and strengthening works throughout the existing building.

Architect Aedas Arts Team
Structural Engineer Conisbee
Steelwork Contractor SDM Fabrication Ltd
Main Contractor 8Build Ltd
Client Delfont Mackintosh

Judges' comment

The remodelling of the theatre has been extremely challenging, ensuring that it will remain a prominent venue for years to come. The whole team has worked in a truly collaborative manner, that was essential due to the evolving design. Steelwork was key to dealing with the many logistical construction challenges due to limited space and access.