Building CPD - Costing structural steelwork quiz


Please answer the following 5 multiple choice questions, then click 'submit' to check the result. The pass mark for a CPD certificate is 5 out of 5, and you may retake the quiz as many times as you wish. Please note that one, two, three or all of the possible answers presented for each question may be right, and to gain a mark for that question all correct answers must be identified.

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Building CPD - Costing structural steelwork

For which of the following building types is a steel portal frame a traditional choice?

A teaching facility
A mid-rise office building
A mixed-use scheme in the city centre
An industrial building

In a developing steel frame design, which of the following component groups would members carrying specific loads be included within?

Main members
Secondary members
Fittings and connections
Miscellaneous items

Which of the following would be the likely cost of a high-rise steel frame with complex access and an irregular grid?


What proportion of the total cost of a building’s frame is accounted for by the raw materials?


Which of the following buildings might typically have an average steel frame weight of 75-90kg/m2?

A three-storey office on a business park
A high-rise building of 12 storeys plus basement
A 50-storey tower
An industrial building with eaves of 12m