Building CPD – Sustainable steelwork procurement quiz


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Building CPD - Sustainable steelwork procurement

BCSA’s Sustainability Charter has how many levels of membership?


A new Sustainability Specification for structural steelwork was published by the BCSA in what year?


What are the sustainable benefits of specifying structural steelwork?

Steel can be recycled and reused continuously
Offsite manufacture means on-site working is minimised and waste reduced
Fast and safe assembly minimises impacts on local communities
Modern mechanical and electrical equipment can be more easily accommodated in the structure itself
All of the above

According to the World Steel Association, what percentage of global demand for steel is met by BF-BOF and EAF respectively?

90% / 10%
70% / 30%
50% / 50%
30% / 70%
10% / 90%

All structural steel should be procured based on the principles of responsible sourcing as defined in …

BES 6001
BS 8102: 2022
Section 10 of Approved Document B
BS 7412: 2007
All of the above